website performance optimizationAre you one of those who feel that the speed of the business website does not matter? Well, you need to revisit your basics then! Even one second of delay in the loading of a webpage can lead to losing the attention of the viewer and thereby losing the opportunity to make a sale or offer a service. When a page takes a long time to load, viewers often lose patience and quit, moving into your competitor’s page where the speed is at an optimum level. Therefore, when you have a website, every second counts for the viewer; ensure that you do not miss out on them.

Some Tips From SEO services in Chennai:
• We are all aware of the huge number of images, videos, scripts, flash, etc. that could add value to your website. However, do you realize that these could increase the loading speed of the page? Therefore, the foremost thing that you need to know to increase the speed of your website is to keep it simple.
• Reducing the response time from the server is also a good option to see immediate results concerning the speed of operation of the website.
• If you are able to use compression to reduce the amount of space & time that the page uses, the loading speed can be increased considerably. Most web servers are capable of compressing the data in the web pages to enable them to be faster. Use this option and increase the speed of your website.

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Secrets Used By The Best SEO company in Chennai

Here are some secrets that are used by SEO companies in order to reduce the loading time for their client websites.
• Whenever a website is visited, the elements of the page are usually stored on the hard drive of the person using the system as a cache. By enabling browser cache, the website will load faster and hence you will be able to retain the viewer for some more time in which you can tempt them to make a sale.
• Use only the codes that are necessary for the page. Check through and delete any unwanted repetitions, which could be slowing down the web page for the viewers.
• Even a top SEO company in Chennai would vouch that you need to optimize the images that are used on your website. Use imaging tools to cut the picture and use only the portion of the picture that would be appropriate for your website. The colour depth should also be at the correct level.
• Optimization should also be done for CSS delivery. As CSS holds the requirements for the page, there is a possibility that it can slow down the loading time of the web page.
• When the top of the page loads faster, viewers will assume that the page itself is fast and will wait for a few seconds before moving out of the website. Hence, the top of the page has to be at the best speed.
• The use of a lot of plug-ins on the website is likely to slow down the website. These could also trigger crashes as well as other technical difficulties thereby making the website slow. You need to reduce the use of plug-ins to speed up the website.
• We assume that the ranking will become better if there are multiple re-directs in the web page, but this will surely slow the speed of the page, defeating the whole purpose of SEO.
Using these tips, you need to reduce the loading speed of the website to the barest minimum possible. The next focus area has to be the ranking as given below.

digital marketing companyDigital Marketing Company In Chennai To Improve Your Site Ranking

In order to improve the ranking of your website, you need to follow these simple steps, and you are sure to be on your way to success:
1. Publish only relevant content so that the search-bots are able to spot them correctly and give you a better ranking.
2. Keep updating the content at regular intervals. This should never be compromised.
3. Use the appropriate Meta Tags for the web pages.
4. Make the website worthy of linking.
5. Use only alternative texts to describe the videos or other visual media.

By following the tips above, you are sure to see a vast difference in website performance.

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