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If you are one of those who thinks that having a website is good enough for an online presence – sorry to say that you are completely wrong! If you haven’t given your website a makeover in recent times then here are a few things that indicate that it’s high time to give it one at the earliest;

Lacking In Social Life

Communicating, sharing and interacting in the social media have become a must for websites today. If your website is not compatible to help your visitors, share, comment, and integrate with their social life, then it is high time you overhaul your website to suit the needs and requirements of today.

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The Brochure Look

Does your website resemble a brochure? If yes, then you are probably having a vintage modeled design. Only the early websites had their websites modeled as an online brochure which clearly indicates that you definitely need a revamp.

Too much of Clutter

It is invariably tempting to put every important information, images, etc., on the website, and even before you realize it, the website looks like a clutter page! It will look like a crowded mess of chaotic information and definitely would not attract visitors. You probably need to present a neat, unobtrusive and clean website that helps to showcase your content in the best light – so definitive revamp on the cards for you!

Flash Introductions

If your website is offering a flashy welcome to your visitors, then either you had designed your website a decade back or your designer must be old school! In the present day, people want to find information fast and easy and have no time to look beyond those flashy introductions that take almost forever to load in a less than optimal internet connection. Time for a change!

SEO Friendly

Have you ever tried searching for your own website? Can you find it on the internet through search engines? If you can’t, then you are probably losing out on a lot of potential customers out there! If your website ain’t SEO friendly, then its ain’t a website in the present day!

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