Instagram marketing techniques for businesses

Stats show that the toughest demographic to market is 18 to 34 because they can sniff out an ad in a matter of seconds. Moreover, this segment of the audience rarely watches TV, so traditional ads are out of the scene. Then how do you promote your brand, product or service to them?

The answer lies with social media. Almost every person in the demographic has an account in at least one networking platform, if not more. The social app leading the way is Instagram. Not only has it one of the maximum number of users, but it is also the most effective in changing the buying decision of the consumer.

For brands, this means that they can leverage the photo-sharing app to reach out to both current and potential customers. This is especially important for businesses that have a visually appealing product or a service that has a unique story connected to it. For such companies, Instagram is the best stage to amplify their reach.

That said, the platform works for almost all types of products and brands as long as they create content that is engaging and informative. With this in mind, let’s dive into tricks that will help you derive the maximum benefit from Instagram marketing.

Captions Are Crucial To Instagram Marketing

The first tip to creating a great Instagram business page is to post captions along with your image or video. The content you include can lessen or increase the engagement. There is no hard and fast rule for the length of the captions. Generally, brands tend to use 135 to 140 characters for the caption, but if you have a story to tell or information to give, longer captions are just fine.

Hashtags are necessary
hastagIf attractive images are one pillar that holds up Instagram marketing, then captions are the second and the third is hashtags. Without hashtags, new users will not be able to discover you. With just one hashtag, you can increase your engagement by as much as 12%.
The platform allows you to attach almost 30 hashtags in a post. So, go ahead and use them so that users can find you organically. A great trick to make your post look neat and minimalistic is to tag one hashtag with the caption and include all the rest in the first comment!

Use Videos Along With Images To Boost Instagram Engagement

Besides pictures, post a few short videos on your profile because users consume video content the most. Additionally, it is a more interactive form of content. If you have longer how-to videos, then use IGTV to post them. It is one of the most potent tools the networking app offers right now. Just make sure that the videos are vertical because most Instagram content is consumed on Smartphones which have vertical screens.

One last tip to using Instagram for marketing your business is geo-tagging. Research shows that posts with a location tag have 79% higher engagement than posts that are not geo-tagged. Once you tag a post, it becomes easier for a user to discover when they search for the location.

Interaction Is Essential To Instagram Marketing

The one reason Instagram is widely popular with the consumer of today is that it is authentic and highly interactive. It allows users to poll, ask questions and drop comments. Therefore, the learning for brands here is to encourage their followers to participate in your posts actively.

This interaction will give you unique insight into what your followers want and what more they look for in your product or service. Based on this, you can redefine your product strategy and then reach more audience.

Instagram marketing for businesses offers a lot of creative leeway. Yet, there are some do’s and don’ts involved with it. If you have doubts, more questions or simply looking for someone to take care of your social media marketing in Chennai, get in touch with us.

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