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When you launch a website for the promotion of your business, for e-commerce, or for any other purpose, there would be certain things you want your website visitors to do. It might be signing up for a subscription, shopping a product of yours, filling up a form, or likewise. It is entirely up to the visitors to do or not to do these things, but the way you present your website before them plays a great role in making them do what you want them to do! Here is where the relevance of web designing lies!

Anyone with minimal skills can do web designing; but to do it right, it requires expertise. If not done rightly, your website just becomes a digital brochure and nothing more than that. If you do not want that to happen, you should have a website which is designed keeping your objectives as the primary focus without compromising on search engine ranking, user-friendliness, and quality at the same time. Achieving this is not very simple! Read on to know more!

5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Design And Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Good search engine rankings are essential for your website to be noticed by people. But unfortunately, when the entire focus goes there, it falls back on quality and user experience. No user would spend more time on something which he/she does not find useful or interesting; so if your site fails to provide a good experience, the users would simply click back button and leave your site. Search engines like Google pay attention to factors such as bounce rate, session length, etc. while ranking; so what you need is enriched user experience coupled with SEO elements. Here’s how to do it!

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    •  Identify the expectations of your audience
      Best digital marketing companies are the ones who start by identifying who their target audience is and what they are expecting from a particular website. Once this is done, the next step is to decide how to achieve your goals in a way which is appealing to the target audience. Offer them with what they are expecting so that they involuntarily go through the path you have laid out for them. This step requires some research involving user testing and learning from competitors, but the time spend here is worth it because it is crucial in determining the success of your website.


  • Organise your contents perfectly
    The contents of your website should be arranged professionally. They should not be messy and difficult to comprehend. Make sure that the sections do not overlap with each other; finding the same contents under different titles may not create a professional impression on users.
  • Pay close attention to the images you use
    Images always enhance the visual appeal of your website. But they should be used with proper care to ensure the best results. First of all, make sure their sizes are not very big as huge image files would take time to load and would affect the performance of your website. Secondly, give titles to images so that search engines know what the images are all about. Search engine bots cannot see the images, and they would be able to interpret your images only if you provide titles. So use titles and meta tags also if possible to describe your images. Inserting keywords in them would further boost your search engine ranking.
  •  Easy Navigation and Accessibility
    Easy navigation and accessibility are the other important factors which decide the feat of a website. Complicating the navigation structure of your website would annoy your visitors thereby prompting them to leave the site. Make sure whatever you want them to see are accessible easily just with a few clicks. The key is to first give the users an impression that your site contains what they want by rightly designing the landing page and then let them navigate easily to what they are specifically looking for.

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Designing a website with all the above-discussed factors in the right place is not easy for someone who is not thoroughly skilled and experienced in this domain. So, do not risk your reputation by choosing a wrong web designer. Spend some time, explore and analyse the options you have; then choose the best web design company in Chennai to work with you!

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