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Just like how the front of a brick and mortar store creates the first impression of the business, the web design is what creates a good impact on visitors to your website. This could be the base for a successful online presence for your business. Each website is just as good as the web design that is done in the pages; the design, content, etc. should be in sync with the niche if the business. Gone are the days when the website was created in a hurry just for the sake of creating one, today, a website is considered the face of your business and makes a significant impact on the viewer.

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Here are some interesting facts as represented by Responsive Website Design Chennai:
More than 90% of the visitor’s first impression results are based on the website design.

  • Almost 95% of visitors rejected a website due to the design.
  • On an average 40% of people viewing any website will move to alternatives if the layout or the content is not attractive.
  • Within 50 milliseconds you can either impress or lose the visitor.
  • Three-fourths of people judge a business based on the web design.
  • Half the number of people have vouched that the foremost deciding factor with respect to the credibility of the business is the design.
  • Three-fifth of people in the world would prefer to read content from a website that has a beautiful design.
  • At least two-fifths of the people who are looking into a website will quit and move away if the page takes too much time to load.
  • Mobile pages that are faster by 1 second can end up with a better conversion rate of nearly 30%.
  • Within 2.6 seconds a user gets to the portion of the website that they have come to see.
  • The logo of a business is the topmost item of interest for the viewers.

In addition to the products and the services that are offered by any business, a professional website is your store online. It has to be impressive and should talk about the business to a level in which the viewer is able to get the information that they need and are tempted to buy the products or avail the services offered by the business.

Reasons Why A Website By Web Design Services In Chennai is Important

With so much of hue and cry about the internet and online presence, it is ideal that your business also has a website that would add value to your traditional business. Here are the essential reasons as to why you should have a website for your business.

  • An online presence is the most cost-effective way to a business. The investment is much lesser than that of an offline store whereas the visibility can be very high.
  • A website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. There is no additional cost involved in operating a website like this.
  • As per WordPress website design company in Chennai, a website is the most convenient option for any business.
  • The credibility of the company increases. As users go through the website reading through testimonials or look into social media to see that the business is responding to customer queries, they are assured of the genuinity of the business.
  • A website is also the best option when it comes to marketing your products or services or even closing the deal.
  • Start your online presence today and excel at it with the help of best web design companies in the industry.

Professional Website Designing

Useful Tips Give By Web Development Company In Chennai

The web design of your website is like the doorway to your business. You need to make it unique. It should be able to represent your business in an excellent way and at the same time be unique when compared to that of competitors. The landing page has to instill the curiosity in the user to tempt them to explore more on the website and move into other pages. Remember, more the time a user spends on your website, more likely it is that you will make a sale!

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