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A website is said to have a responsive web design when it is capable of adapting to the screen it is being used on, irrespective of the device used. The website has to adjust itself to the device so that the user gets a great viewing experience. The web has seen tremendous growth in the last year which is not surprising, and the other inevitable thing that has happened is that the mobile web browsing has overtaken the desktop as the device of choice for most internet users. Web design companies are gearing up for the latest changes in the Google algorithms. Websites that are mobile-friendly will have a better ranking than that are desktop only. This change in the algorithm will have a significant impact on the sites that are not responsive.

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Why responsive web design companies want you to have a responsive website?

The responsive web design concept has not sprung up suddenly, the industry watchers have predicted this, but the businesses choose not to adopt it. More than 60% of the companies decided not to fulfill the demand for the responsive environment as per some surveys. Since the shift of users from desktop to mobiles, Google which is a search engine built for the users chose to implement the changes in its algorithm so that it benefits its users. Google will favor those sites that have responsive web design and rank them higher than those who don’t. In short, websites that are optimized for smartphone viewing will get ranked higher. For a better SEO, a responsive website is a must says top web development companies.

Advantages of Responsive web design:

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A more usable site: A website that cannot be navigated properly by users is less likely to stick with them. Google checks the time spent by the user on a page as an indicator of the value of the website as per a top web design company in Tirunelveli. Having a responsive web design enables users, and hence they spend more time on it. The usability score of Google leads to repeat visitors and can lead to more conversions. Web design companies and digital marketers should always consider user experience as one of the benchmarks for conversion. Positive reviews, traffic, etc. all help in increasing the ranking and that happens only when there is great user experience through responsive web design. Better pagespeed: One of the ranking factors in Google is the loading time, when the website is optimized to load quickly it helps in getting your website high in search results. Sites that are mobile responsive load faster boosting user experience and reduced bounce rates.

Consult Responsive web design companies and plan:

Planning well ahead will lead to a more mobile-friendly responsive web design. Web development company in Tirunelveli can help in growing your business keeping SEO strategy in mind before building it. It also helps in keyword and mobile content which will further boost your SEO efforts. The content and the target audience should be the foundation for your responsive web design and a more efficient SEO strategy.

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