A recent study claimed that more than 85% of all businesses have a dedicated social handle which they used as part of their products’ promotional campaign. With the introduction of more social media platforms, each day to keep people in sync with what is new in the world, the business of online promotion through social media is a booming field. Most of today’s purchases are incited by ads, both paid and free, on social media. In fact, 75% of marketers report an increase in their website traffic after a promotion on social networks, which is not surprising considering the average adult spends 31% of their day Facebooking, Tweeting or Blogging.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a certain social media to market a business:

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1. Audience: The type of network which a business may choose to use as their primary online platform will say a lot about the company. For example, if a certain business sells very specific scientific instruments, they would do well to find a network that has a large audience for that particular product, such as technical forums. Certain social networks such as Weibo and Pengyou are specific to the Chinese subcontinent, are solely available in Chinese and have their own trends which, for example, a business in England may not understand. The average audience age also plays a major role in how well a product may be received.  Some other factors that may influence a business’ success with a certain audience include:

Also Read: Tread The Road To Success With SEO Career Advantages

  • Gender
  • Physical Location (Some social websites are only available to people in a certain region)
  • Average Education

2. Traffic: Social media are places where many people gather virtually. However, they may not remain the newest and most “trendy” for very long. Orkut and MySpace both were shut down because of dwindling numbers and privacy threats. Even Facebook was confronted with privacy leaks. In short, there are many factors that can determine the number of visitors a website may get per day. This may include the number of members in the network, the placement of ads in that particular social media, security risks and other aesthetic problems. Checkout Our Social Media Service in Chennai.

Businesses, as a rule, should look for media that can provide them with a steady flow of potential consumers. On social media, it is not so much about selling the product than it is about representing the idea of a product, and hence, creating more interest. Consumers should be part of the promotional chain and have the ability to redirect traffic to the business from their own social circles, a method that is used in Facebook’s share and Twitter’s retweet options.

3. Ease of Use: The easier information on a business is accessible, the more consumers will be willing to spend time in viewing it. However, ease of use of a social platform does not apply only to the consumers’ side. If a business’ products are either fast-moving or must be changed frequently, many business people will appreciate built-in apps, widgets and plugins in their social media of choice. Social media like Instagram not only provide a place for an enterprise to broadcast high quality images of their products but also provide additional widgets that can be used to purchase them. This eliminated the need for elaborate CSS and XTML coding skills, which the average sell-from-home curator may not have. In addition to this, social networks that can provide easy page editing, notification/comment/email services and banking/purchase forms will be preferred by small home businesses that do not have dedicated staff for managing the website.

4. Short/Long Term Trends: The reality of why social media is such an addiction is because it is ever-changing. While some businesses may promote only a certain class of product, those that are based on the rise and fall of seasonal fads (such as the fashion business) will be left behind if the correct social media is not tapped into. Places like YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest irrevocably showcase the latest tendencies in one form or another.

For businesses looking into keeping up with the masses, these social networks will let them know what is in demand at that particular moment. However, for ventures that do not follow the masses, this may or may not be productive marketing, depending on the interest of the consumers. For businesses that supply everyday basics, these changes in the market will not make a difference and it would be more suitable for them to look into the amount of traffic through a social network.

In conclusion, no social media is tailor-made for a particular business. It is up to the salespeople to cater to the masses. Their ingenuity in choosing a social media to adhere to and in promoting their products accordingly can make or break the business. Check more for Social Media Marketing Chennai.

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