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Seo companies have to constantly keep ahead of competitors as they need their pages to appear at the top of the search pages. They need to research and understand all the latest trends in the field. Have you felt that there is so much data to collect and compiling all this is becoming a major hurdle? You need to check out some of the new applications used by best seo services in Tirunelveli.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a clever way to convert your entire client’s analytical data into easy to read information with the aid of data visualisation. If the reports were cumbersome and complicated earlier, Google Play Studio helps you to get organised and informative data which can be easily read. The reports are easy to share and you have the option to customise them as per the client’s requirement.

It is easy to arrange numerical data into bar graphs, line graphs, charts etc. This helps the client to understand the information in a pictorial manner. The data looks more organised too. If the client needs to alter the colour, font or anything else, it can be easily done. There is also the option of including the client’s logo and branding the reports.

If you need more information from your Facebook page or any other Google page, all you have to do is pull out the data and import it into the Google Data Studio. It has become extremely easy to include data from any Google page in any of your reports. The use of Google Data Studio enables the report to automatically update itself if new changes have been made to the source data page. All you need is to provide the link to the source page and updates occur automatically.

While working as a team, Google play studio makes it easy to share documents with all team members. The members dealing with a certain aspect of the report can edit the page and make necessary amendments at their own desk. The other team members can also view the amended version easily as soon as it is shared.

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Reasons to start using Google Data Studio

Less time-consuming

Handling analytical data is highly time-consuming as you need to carefully study and analyse the information. Google play studio helps to visualise the data as pictorial representations. This gives a better understanding of information. It helps you to retain that information for longer periods as you have actually seen how it looks.

No longer tedious

The application is extremely user-friendly. There is no need to spend hours formatting the report. It is no longer tedious and can be customised as per the requirement of the user.

Can create reports that look professional and smart

Even though you are not a graphic designer, the reports created using Google data studio look extremely organised and professional. It looks more organised than even a Google analytics custom report. There are a number of design options you can choose from.

Access data from other Google pages

As long as you have valuable information in other Google pages, it becomes easy to import the data to your new report. You can also use a default dashboard design if needed. Then add up information from other sources to complete the report. If any changes are made to the original page and you need them to reflect on the new one, simply insert the link and get the job done automatically. The reports are dynamic and save you the effort of updating them manually.

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Some of the pages you can pull data from are

  • MySQL
  • AdWords
  • Youtube
  • BigQuery
  • Attribution 360
  • Google Analytics

No limit on the number of pages

As of now, there is no limit to the number of additional pages being added. You can add additional pages as per the length of your report. There is no restriction to that.

Free to use

The current version has been made free to use.


For now, you can create only 5 reports per account .There are chances of adding the number of reports in the near future. Another drawback is that you cannot pull in data from non-Google pages. This is also being worked on.

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