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There’s a new buzzword in content marketing: the 180-degree content. No, it has nothing to do with shooting a panorama wide view of your marketing strategies. Rather the principle behind 180 technique content is simple yet ingenious.

With the 180 technique content, you can:

  • Drive Organic Traffic to your site or blog
  • Pull in readers who will beg you for more content

Does that sound like a far-fetched dream? Well, no, here in this article we give you the template to create content even for noncontent writers to increase inbound traffic and to get killer backlinks.

Template for 180 Degree Technique for Content Creation

content-creationHave you ever tried shooting an arrow from a bow? Seasoned archers all agree that to hit the bull’s eye every single time, you have to pull the arrow backward at 180 degrees, before releasing it. The same applies to generating contents. You have to look to the past. Find out contents that have a proven record of success, then strive to create something better than that. Yep, it’s that simple and intuitive.

If you want to write content that resonates with your readers, you can’t aimlessly create it. You first have to analyse your target audience and identify keywords and topic that will resonate with your readers.

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Now we give you the ten ways you can create content that will keep your readers hooked.

  1. Diversify your Content

Avoid sticking to a single type of content. If you keep posting similar contents week after week on your blog, your audience is likely to get bored. Add variety and spice up your content from time to time. Vary it up by including infographics, stop motion animations, videos and graphics.

  1. Embrace Sub-titles

 The number one rule when it comes to creating engaging content is to keep it readable. Organise your content in a clear hierarchy that appeals to all levels of readers. Online users prefer contents that have a clear flow with headings, sub-heading, lists and a conclusion.

  1. Follow the KISS Principle

  Just like a great kiss, your content should follow the mantra, “Keep It Short & Sweet.” Yes, we can hear you saying that Google prefers quantity as well as quality. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to lose out your readers by writing run-on sentences without an end. Always, remember that ultimately you’re writing for your target audience and not for search engine spiders.

  1. Don’t forget the Power of the Right Keywords

Keywords aren’t used just for the sake of SEO. Keywords also make sure that you hook in the audience and get them to read your content. The main reason why readers go through your content is that they want to know more about the particular topic. So stay true to your chosen topic.

  1. Identify your Own Voice and Let Your Contents Reflect that

Any successful content has a unique voice or style. The easiest way to add this unique quality to your content is by aligning your writing style with your speaking and thinking. Also, even when you are writing on the most discussed topics, you can give it a fresh perspective by voicing your opinions and ideas.

  1. Hook in Your Audience Right from the Titles

Unlike the famous saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” your audience will judge your content based on the title, the image displayed on the content and other superficial factors. Avoid boring and overused titles like, “5 Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship”. Instead, dramatise it and make it catchy by using titles like, “5 Reasons Why Your Relationship is Killing You”.

  1. Make it easy for your audience to Share your Content

You’re missing a great deal if you haven’t added the social media widgets to your blog. Make it easy for your audience to share your content with the click of a single button. Remember that with each share your content reaches a new set of target audience.

  1. Keep Your Readers Engaged with Stories

Contents that have a personal flair to them with a touch of suspense, drama and intrigue are more likely to keep your readers engaged. Go ahead, enlighten your audience by regaling them with stories from your personal experience.

  1. Add Credibility with Facts and Links

Research, news and facts not only give the much-needed authenticity to your contents, but they also help in convincing your readers to act. Always include links to pages of high authority.

  1. Finish, with a Call to Action

With an engaging call to action, you provide your audience with exact guidance on what to do next. This doubles your chance to generate leads.

Wrapping it Up

Finally, any content that is created with passion is sure to hit the bull’s eye. When you’re passionate about a topic, it’s easy to let your fervour shine. And, never forget your target audience. Ultimately, as a digital content writer or blogger, you have to find out what exactly they need and give it to them.

Kick start your Content Marketing Journey with these simple, yet effective tips!

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