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Love it or hate it, Facebook is what it is. If you are one of those people who curse it for “invading” and “altering” your life, you are losing out on a lot of things. More so if you are running a business and still aren’t aware of what Facebook can do for you, you are losing out on a plethora of positive outcomes.

The statistics of Facebook are awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping. Wikipedia states that as of October 2018, the USA and India had the highest number of active users. Presently, there are millions of active users logged on to Facebook via their laptops, mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

In a metropolitan city like Chennai, where advertising doesn’t come cheap, you would do well to put these statistical figures to use.
If you have sharp business acumen, you would count that as thousands of potential customers, clients or business partners who are within easy reach. Here’s how you utilize Facebook to optimize your business.

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Know The Facebook Business Page

For big and small entrepreneurs, the Facebook Business Page is the holy grail. It is a one -of -a kind platform that comes entirely free of cost. In a quick step-by-step process, you can create a profile for your brand, product or business.
This page becomes your own domain to unleash your business acumen. Here’s where you get to market your business online for free.

How must you optimize the use of the Facebook Business Page to create a fantastic ad campaign?

  • Update all the important little details that consumers look out for- like contact numbers, addresses, postal codes, and categories.
  • Choose an attractive profile picture that will be a crowd-puller. Don’t forget that the first impression is the best one. The same goes for the cover photo of the profile.
  • Post visually appealing photos of your showroom, manufacturing unit, manufactured goods, etc.
  • Invite friends to “Like” your page to increase your page following.
  • Add important details like your email id, website link, and what your business specializes in.
  • It is important to enhance your page with CTA’s or Call To Action buttons like “ Call us”, “Get in touch”, “Learn More”, etc.

The Winning Strategies Of Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s marketing master plan comes armed with many different kinds of advertising styles and formats that are designed to consistently keep the potential customer well-informed and engaged.

  • The Right Column Advertising
  • Desktop Newsfeed Ad
  • Mobile Newsfeed Ad
  • Image advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Slideshows
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Products Ads
  • Canvas Ads

If there are so many kinds of ads on Facebook, there are as many benefits of social media advertising.

  • Facebook ads increase brand awareness.
  • It has a massive reach.
  • Facebook ads enhance website traffic.
  • They allow tracking of activity and numbers, thus giving you a real-time account of the advertising impact.
  • Customer attribution and conversions have increased.
  • It generates word-of-mouth advertising like no other.
Use Facebook for your business growth

Other Marketing Strategies of Facebook

There is none other like Facebook to come up with the most innovative marketing strategies to boost and expand your business. Its range of “posts” alone is testimony to the marketing power of Facebook. Facebook video posts, live video posts, linked content posts, Facebook Poll POst, Facebook Stories, Pinned Posts, etc are all targeted at reaching and creating an awareness of your business.

Facebook’s Multiple Text Optimization is another creative feature that optimizes each ad by using different text combinations to target a specific audience. Designed to work through the Business Manager or the Power Editor, the Multiple Text Optimization or MTO allows the addition of 5 CTA’s, 5 title variations and 5 description variations. Facebook automatically combines different titles with different descriptions to be put out on various groups. MTO thus helps in customizing your ad for a target audience to suit their viewing history.

Facebook’s brilliant vanity metric system of “Likes’ and “Shares” is another novel method of determining the success of your ad campaign. Research also shows that the time you post on Facebook plays a crucial role in reaching the end consumer. “The Best Time To Post On Facebook” is a really impactful marketing strategy.

The Takeaways Of Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is an art of the latest kind. It needs a nuanced perspective and guidance to make the most of it. Giving you that and more with social media advertising is Digital SEO. The digital marketing company that is setting novel benchmarks in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is your best bet for social media marketing in Chennai. Digital SEO’s multi-pronged social media marketing plan and multiple services will put your business on the right pedestal with the right spotlight shining on it!
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