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Digital marketing keeps on changing and evolving all through the years and is also expected to evolve much more in the coming years. It all started with the invention of the Guttenberg’s printing press that was found in Europe in the year 1450. It laid the foundation for the ability and urge to mass communication. In the year 1941, the first-ever TV ad was broadcasted on the screens at America. This one of the most pathbreaking moments of the history of marketing.Thus began the boom of digital and online marketing. In the year 1965, at Massachusetts, a computer got connected to another computer in California. In the year 1973, the first ever call with a mobile phone held with the hand was made. By 1980’s computers started to be commercially available and made first steps into the households.

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The digital marketing evolved with just as fast as the blink of an eyelid. Now SEO trends have taken the markets up by a storm, Google has made a firm place all above other search engines, and it doesn’t stop there. It continues growing. Hence, businesses now consider digital marketing as an irreplaceable part of their growth. Businesses often try to find a digital marketing company in Chennai to improve their growth efficiency. So how will the digital marketing grow up after 2017? Let us take a look at the evolution possibilities:

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  • Smarter artificial intelligence. As the year progresses, artificial intelligence is expected to grow and be the leader. The digital marketing services in Chennai always lays focus on artificial intelligence and ways to use it for the betterment of businesses.
  • Accurate measurements become the top priority. The need for much better indicators of performance is the new agenda to be solved. Even popular social media platforms like Facebook revealed many mistakes in the measurement criteria. Hence, now the focus will be on getting the fundamentals and measurements right. Accurate data and measurements allow the marketers to control the situation accurately.
  • Experiences that are auto-driven is sure to get the limelight in the coming years. The podcasts will again evolve, and the opportunities for live audio and live video will continue as before.
  • Trust issues are to be dealt with on a much more faster rate. Digital marketing faces the threat of lack of trust among the customers. More customers are opting for software that blocks ads.

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Thus, the digital marketing keeps on evolving and changing as the time progresses. Marketing companies and also customers that resort to marketing methods also have to keep up with the evolving race. Otherwise, they might get left far behind. It is the time of social media advertisements, youtube live streaming videos, instant messaging apps and changing times. The world as a whole has become tech savvy, and businesses need to keep up with the pace.


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