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The more customers you have, the more buyers you get. To attract potential customers, you need to know the tricks to increase the traffic to your website. One of the best methods of doing this is to improve your organic CTR. Many people overlook this factor which is vital to your business. Every Digital marketing company in Chennai knows how important it is to maintain the organic CTR. Though there are other ways to get more buyers, the CTR is one important element to be considered.

Boosting Your Organic CTR With A Few Tried And Tested Tips

Organic CTR –What does it mean?

CTR stands for Click through Rate. Organic CTR is the number of clicks your website attains through the links found when a Search engine comes up with your site as compared to the paid advertisements appearing in that location. It can be used as a tool to measure your SEO efficiency. You should always know what your CTR is and where you are lacking. Finding out your Organic CTR limitations is one big step you need to cross. The Organic CTR can make clear how valuable ranking is to your site. Search engine leaders like Google consider the organic CTR of a site to be very important. A higher CTR is directly related to a higher ranking.

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How to improve the organic CTR

Boosting Your Organic CTR With A Few Tried And Tested Tips

Attractive headlines

You need to grab the customer’s attention with catchy, flashy and even emotional headlines. They should never feel like ignoring your content. A glance at the headlines should force them to know what the article is about. Such is the power of a strong headline. Choose those which immediately attract readers. Avoid bland headlines. Those which are boring and devoid of emotion repel customers. This is a fact which must be taken seriously. Provoking headlines also work as customers get curious to know what they are about.

The second element which should not be avoided are the keywords. Try your maximum to include the keywords in your headlines. People often take a glance through the search engine page. The keyword they type in is what they are looking for in the links. So if your headline shows the keyword, automatically readers will click the link. The more the clicks, the higher your ranking!

Eye catching Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are the words you see under your page URL. It is the title seen in SERP.

A customer first reads through the Meta description to estimate whether the article I worth his time and effort. If what they see there has no relation to what they are looking for, then no matter how good your article is, you will still lose a potential buyer. So that’s why Meta descriptions are made to be attractive, compelling, juicy and vibrant. Take care that the length does not exceed 160 characters. Google cuts shorts the lengthy descriptions. You may lose the important part and your description is likely to get diluted if this happens.

Boosting Your Organic CTR With A Few Tried And Tested Tips

Valuable URLs

Beware of the URLs appearing on your website. Ugly URLs dominate software and unless you check properly, you may not be aware of those which have inappropriate and totally mismatching content.Many customers get turned off by inappropriate links. Make sure that your link leads to simple, valuable and related content which is useful and relevant to readers. They need content that provides information on what they are looking for.

Relevant images

Images are part of your content. Classy images lead to increase in traffic. Another trick is to tag these images with the main keywords. There are customers who first search for the image of a product. Then they choose the most attractive image. If interested, this search goes on to the website of the respective image. So make sure all your images are catchy and mind blowing.

Ranking on Search Engine page

Your ranking on a search engine page is directly proportional to organic CTR. This is the main reason why you have to strive to become the top rank in major search engine pages. Avoid clutter and content that drag on meaninglessly.


It is not enough that you bring about these changes and then relax. You need to constantly monitor your pages. Check each page daily to see which of the above methods is bringing in more clicks. You can also try adopting one tip each day to see the results. When you get an idea of which combination is working best, then try to bring in maximum clicks.

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