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The introduction of Google Adwords as the advertising medium by Google changed the way marketing is done online. It is considered as the most effective PPC marketing. Google Adwords is used as an advertising strategy by businesses of all sizes small startups to large companies. It helps in making your brand more visible to the users when they search on Google’s search engine and also helps businesses get results fast.

Benefits of Google Adwords as SEM marketing strategy

Quick results: The competition in every business is vast, and search engines help businesses by showing results of products or services they are looking for at the right time. If your company is relying only on SEO to improve sales, then it is an effort that takes time. Despite having an SEO website, great content, etc. organically getting top ranking is a time-intensive effort. But Pay per Click services like Google Adwords can help your business get results faster with the right bid amount and keywords with a good quality score.

Reach the target audience through PPC marketing: you can set your ads with specific keywords and reach your target audience. You can choose from a particular list of keywords people are likely to search for based on the products or service your business offers and then route them to the relevant place on your website. When you choose the right keywords, you can reach your target audience better than any other form of marketing. Moreover, you can also reach out to prospective customers too who have shown interest by visiting your landing page.

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Creates brand awareness: Google Adwords will not only help you with bringing more traffic to your website, improve clicks and conversions but also helps in building a brand. PPC services in Chennai has seen an increase in the brand awareness by 6% when search ads are placed. Another reason to consider this form of advertising is that your website SEO ranking also depends on the brand name searches, hence makes it worthwhile to invest in display ads on search engines.

digital seo1High-quality traffic: Google is the most preferred search engine, and every minute there are millions of people around the world doing searches and clicking on Google Ads. That essentially means you can get a significant amount of traffic to your website. The traffic that you receive will be of high quality as Google displays only relevant content and Ads when people search through their engines so you can expect to convert the traffic into sales. Moreover, Google continues to improve their algorithms so that they can provide the best and the relevant search ads and results, so your business can benefit by advertising through Google Adwords says a leading SEO company in Chennai. These ads can send quality leads who are more likely to become customers.

Measure your performance: The outcome of advertising in traditional formats is challenging to measure. The cost of advertising on TV, radio or newspapers is also high compared to Google Adwords. Controlling the spend and knowing where the leads are coming from in traditional advertising is tough. Google Adwords helps in overcoming all these challenges as ROI is measurable and you can also control the spend.

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