Digital SEO’s Journey with Chinmaya Academy,Civil Services Coaching Center in Chennai

Like most of us are aware, not every business niche can follow the same marketing strategy like other. As mentioned by the renowned Father of Modern Marketing, Mr.Philip Kotler, we need to plan an online marketing tactic with a perfect user persona to get best results. Here, we present a successful case study of how one of the best digital marketing companies in Chennai brainstormed with Chinmaya Academy, an IAS coaching centre in Chennai, to create a successful marketing strategy.

Identifying the Pain Points faced by Chinmaya Academy Was Crucial To Digital SEO’s success

The client came to us with some underlying issues that most businesses face during their starting phase or when they are on plateau. The problems were:

  • Slow website server speed
  • A redundant design
  • High website loading time
  • Extremely basic security

Post our brainstorming session with Team Chinmaya for few days. The meetings were to identify and then comprehend their user persona. The persona was shared with Team Chinmaya and took their feedback to incorporate changes into it. Their courses and website requirements were clearly understood by us to solve every issue mentioned above within a short period of time.

Solving the speed issue of the server was a priority because the Chinmaya IAS website kept on facing downtime. Furthermore, the time it took to load was too high. On investigating it ,slow speed and breakdowns boiled to two reasons:

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  • The web host they used was low cost with poor performance. When a user would click on Chinmaya IAS website, the site had to wait in queue behind other sites shared on the server. This made the upload time very slow.
  • They were quickly facing a lot of traffic due to growing popularity. The more people who clicked on the website, the slower it got. A web server is equipped to handle only a certain number of visitors. When the number increases, it slows down because it is trying to manage too many people at the same time.

The web host for Chinmaya was changed to solve the speed server problem. As a professional web designing company, we cannot stress enough on the value of an excellent host and hosting space. They are the backbone of any strategy application and the website.

To takes things a step further Digital SEO reduced the website load speed drastically, because we understand that companies lose traffic if the page doesn’t load within the first few seconds.

Also a switch over of their website design from HTML to WordPress was carried out. This allowed us to enhance the security settings on the website. It was more user-friendly that gets continuous support and update. The WordPress site was not only more secure but also allowed for easier SEO implementations.

The last step to make the website utterly secure by covering all page rules like:

  • Using HTTPS
  • 301/302 Forwarding URL
  • Security Level
  • Cache Level
  • Edge Cache TTL
  • Browser Cache TTL

Creative Team at DigitalSEO exceled in deriving the perfect working strategy for Chinmaya Academy

The Second Phase:

Virtually, the education industry stands out from every industry or sector. And being part of Chinmaya IAS, an IAS coaching centre in chennai, our team was well aware that the marketing tactics and strategies have to be unique to win the game. After analysing several marketing tactics and plans, we targeted our strategy for this educational institute that will exactly lead to proper conversions and leads for the Team Chinmaya. We digged through many such strategies and finally created a personalized and result oriented one for them to gain success in a short span of time.

DigitalSEO played its cards wisely on Social Media to drive traffic of IAS Aspirants to Chinmaya Academy

With the help of social media we created better awareness by specifically retargeting and search advertising that drove more conversions.  While Adwords and SMO strategy both built more customers for Chinmaya IAS by bettering Google Search results, the key to growth of any company.

A secure site that performed better, thanks to the SMO plans and FB & Adwords strategy that were created, lead to a satisfied and delighted client.

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