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Did you know that ranking your webpage in Google is one of the most challenging tasks? There are a lot of factors to consider while trying to rank a page. SEO is one essential thing that plays a major role in Google ranking. The best SEO company in Chennai, like Digital SEO, evaluates various metrics and then comes up with a good strategy while implementing SEO. Domain Rating and Domain Authority are two essential data metrics that convey a website’s popularity. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these metrics and always keep them in mind to develop an excellent SEO strategy for a business. In this article, let us see how to look at Domain Rating and Domain Authority and make a comparison for better understanding.

Domain Rating & Domain Authority- An Overview

Domain Rating, also referred to as DR, was developed by Ahrefs and is a metric used to rank a website. It shows the website’s backlink strength on a scale between 1-100. The greater the number, the better will be the ranking. Domain Rating is frequently used as an SEO tool for keyword research, competitor and website analysis and more. To be more precise, Domain Rating is not a search engine metric nor a search engine in itself to evaluate while ranking on search engine result pages. It is just a predictor of whether you are in the right direction. If the score is high, it means that the website has the potential to fulfil all the Google requirements and rank on top.

Domain Authority, also referred to as DA, was developed by Moz as a search engine ranking metric. It predicts the website’s performance and conveys how it will rank on the SERPs. The score ranges from one to a hundred; again, a high score means a greater ability for ranking. High DA scores indicate that the website is likely to outrank the other Domain Authority websites with a low score in the search engine result pages. Once a website starts ranking high in the SERPs, its DA will automatically increase. However, having a good DA score must not be your ultimate goal. It must be merely used as a predictor to rank on SERPs.

Similarities & Differences Between DR & DA- All You Need to Know

Domain Rating and Domain Authority are evaluated on different platforms with the help of many factors. They have a lot of similarities while considering the entire process. DR and DA are vital scores to evaluate the SEO of a website. Both these platforms consider the factors mentioned here.

  • Evaluate backlinks
  • Examine SEO practices
  • Determine spam links
  • Predict website progress
  • Analyse bounce rate while scoring

If you aspire to increase the DR and DA, you must concentrate on the above mentioned factors. You will never be able to achieve a high score from any platform without following them. When a website has a high DR and DA, it means that it is optimised for search engines. The other similarities between DR and DA are:

  • They scale between 0 to 100
  • They do not have an impact on search engines

The differences between DR and DA are elaborated below. The difference clearly states how one is better than the other when predicting a website’s progress.

ParametersDomain AuthorityDomain Rating
MetricsRanking keywords, linking root domains, spam score, linking top pages and domain authority.The total number of linking websites and backlinks.
Factors to Determine MetricsRanking pages along with a lot of other factors.Referring domains are the only important ones.

Note: There is no correlation between Google SERPs with DR or DA. Both these are not analysed using algorithms or crawlers of the search engine to rank a website at the top. However, it is proven that the websites with a good DR or DA score are ranked better compared to those with a low score. It is because the scores given here are among the 200 essential factors used by Google to analyse and rank. Thus, DR and DA have an indirect relationship with SERPs.

Ways to Increase Domain Rating & Domain Authority

Let us learn how to increase a website’s DR and DA.

1. Increasing Domain Rating

As DR is based on the quality and number of website backlinks from various sites and domains, you can increase DR by:

  • Getting unique follow links for the website. If you get backlinks from a website that has a low DR, you will not be able to see any visible result on the DR score.
  • Ensuring that the backlinks indicate relevant web pages that are related to your website.
  • Avoiding spam backlinks.
  • Publishing high-quality content and using links on them.
  • Contacting websites with high DR and requesting them to link to your web pages.
  • Building a strong internal linking pattern.
  • Structuring the blog posts and articles along with guest posting.

2. Increasing Domain Authority

There are a lot of factors to consider while calculating a website’s DA. A few of the effective techniques to try are:

  • Focusing on improving the SEO.
  • Optimising the website for SERPs.
  • Gaining high authority backlinks from websites with high DA.
  • Avoiding spam links.


Now comes the real question. Which is best? DR or DA to predict a website’s performance? We cannot neglect both DR and DA or consider one over the other. They are important metrics to evaluate any website. A proper understanding of these metrics will let you gain a good idea about your website’s ranking and strength. DR and DA will help website owners to make wise decisions while investing in link-building campaigns. Connect with the best SEO company in Chennai, like Digital SEO, if you want to increase your DR and DA metrics and improve the chance of your website getting on to the top in the searche engines.

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