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Business owners are now fully aware of the importance of having a well-designed website, which is mobile friendly as well as desktop friendly. However, by the end of 2017, desktop browsing was entirely overshadowed by Smartphones and that makes the year 2018 a year were mobile functionality will be used in many ways that were never thought possible. For a business owner that means website development has to be a mix of functionality balanced with aesthetics.

Website Building & Development Trends that Help Bring in Traffic

Listed below is a set of web design trends that will ensure that your website becomes an online hit!

Vibrant colours in Website development: 2017 saw the use of many vibrant colours in almost all digital channels. It is not just on the website, these striking colours are making a mark on billboards, TV, social media and mobile apps too. The same trend is going to continue as per the experts from leading website building companies. To help achieve the use of these colours many tools have come into the picture, which helps in exploring various options to create a unique viewing experience.

Use of shadow and depth in web design: Shadow is not a concept that is new and has been in vogue for many years now. But what is new is the variations that you get due to the upgrades provided by browsers. Web design company in Tirunelveli is using the layouts like the grids, parallax, etc. and creating more depth working with the shadows to make a fantasy world. So move on from the designs that were flat and boring to this design which depends on depth.

AI: Use of AI is fast becoming a reality and is now being used in website development too. It is being used in chatbots which is an interface for a conversation with the users. It is also used for product recommendations for users based on their previous searches. There is a rise in the use of interfaces for conversation in Web design as people are getting used to using bots to get their queries answered.

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Web Designs Concentrating on Mobile UI & Animations

Mobile Friendly Designs
Earlier designing a mobile-friendly version of the website was more of an afterthought. But now with browsing using mobile overtaking the desktop, websites are created keeping smartphones in mind. The spokesperson of a leading web development company in Tirunelveli stated, “Now the web design for mobile is mature enough and the sites can be quickly adapted to smaller screens.” The icons are smaller hence not space consuming helping the user to recognize the menus on the screen and also the issues with UX is easy to find and fix.

Use of Animations
Static images are dull, and hence you will find websites using animations. That could happen due to the improvements in browsers, and that helps users to be engaged throughout the visit to the site. A leading web design company in Tirunelveli states that these animations help in improving the customer experience and engagement. It also acts as a great way to engage the customers as they can interact with the customers through the characters of that animation.

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