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Top and Effective Content Marketing Tools of 2017

15 Mar 17
Lakshmi Priya
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Digital marketing services are gaining popularity in all organizations as they are capable of providing brand visibility at a lower price. Over the past years, good content creation promoting a company’s products and services has gained more importance.


Let’s take a look at some of the effective SEO strategies of 2017.

Documented content marketing strategy

There are a hundred methods to improve content marketing and we all talk about if often. How many companies really have a documented plan regarding content marketing? You may have infinite plans on the workflow, the Human resource utilization, product development etc. However do you have a solid documented content marketing strategy? If you look around, you can easily see that a successful organization will always have one solid basic plan for content marketing and will review it constantly. So if this was not on your priority list, add it now.

Influencer marketing

Attract more customers by influencer marketing techniques. Make use of social media to influence customer and sway them in your direction. This has a tremendous impact on the sales and marketing. Using celebrities to promote your content is also a good idea as they are highly valued and respected in society.

Top and Effective Content Marketing Tools of 2017

What are you focusing on?

As a business person, you need to focus on why you are creating your content and how it is influencing customers. Purpose driven marketing is a key to creating a much better marketing strategy.

Visualizing and creating popular videos

The importance of visualization in the decision making behavior of a consumer is not to be taken lightly. Any seo specialist can tell you that effective delivery of valuable information regarding a product through visual media is one of the best methods to enhance sales and target traffic towards a site.


Social media is going strong with all that exposure through Facebook. It is so easy to promote your content assets using the power of Facebook. This is in fact evolving as a strong demand generation tool.Creating a facebook page and sharing it with your friends is more than enough to be popular in a number of social circles.


Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most influential social media channels. This is an efficient method of spreading news about relevant content. It aids in attracting customers and improving the market value of products and services.

Teams and workflow

No matter how many tools you have and how effective strategies are developed, if you do not have a dynamic team to carry these out, you lose the game. A smart team who knows the game, a proper workflow is the key to successful implementation of strategies.

Mobile friendly

Who doesn’t live around mobiles these days? Practically no one. Your content has to show in a mobile friendly atmosphere. If it does not appear in searches through mobiles, that’s a good bye. People do not have the patience to remember your site and check it up when they get hold of laptops. If you have visibility on mobiles, you are in. Else count yourself out.

Content technology

A sound strategy of solid reliable technology is another essential requirement of content marketing. Any lapse in the technological flow will have an adverse impact on your content and this will in turn affect the marketing strategy.

Top and Effective Content Marketing Tools of 2017

Native advertising

When we all strive to improve our content, how many leave out the importance of promoting your product? Native advertising is the backbone of content marketing and product promotion. You need to concentrate as much on content promotion as content creation.


Killer content is what you need. You need words that dig into the customers minds and remain there. It’s not a easy thing to achieve, however it is an undeniable fact. So shake up your writers and encourage them to write from their hearts. Trust us ,it works.

Integration with sales

Any marketing strategy should be integrated to sales. The two are connected to the core. You cannot succeed in either one without cooperation from the other.

ROI and measurement, Email and marketing automation are also important aspects which need to be taken care of.

Remember that the above listed points are only a few of the aspects that can create a successful content marketing strategy. Best content marketing practices are evolving fast and it is relevant for each SEO company to stay ahead of the race. Every firm needs to experiment and find the right combination to lead to a winning strategy.

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